F1RST at NC State Student Organization

The mission of F1RST at NC State is to provide social, academic, and professional support and development to first-generation students at NC State. This organization is meant to prepare students for success during and beyond their collegiate careers.

2022-23 F1RST Executive Board

Maria Kanton, President

Major + Year: Chemical Engineering, Senior

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Fun Fact: This is my third year on the F1RST team!

Dream Job: mad scientist that takes down big pharma

Alex May, Vice President

Major + Year:  Computer Science, Senior

Hometown:  Pinehurst, NC

Fun Fact: I am on the NC State Club XC & Track team

Dream Job: Vegan Bakery Owner

Jakayla Edwards, Secretary

Major + Year: Psychology, Senior

Hometown: Pinetops, NC

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother we’re the literal definition of night and day lol. 

Dream Job: Psychiatric NP

Noah Champion, Treasurer

Major + Year: History BA, Junior

Hometown: Ellenboro, NC

Fun Fact: I had a Kidney Transplant when I was two.

Dream Job: Ambitious Angle: Secretary of State. Realistic: Lawyer

Johnny Nguyen, Director of Marketing

Major + Year: Business Administration, Senior

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Fun Fact: I like buying CDs despite not having a CD player

Dream Job: World famous pop star with an award-winning album.

Nicholas Cooke, Director of Community Outreach

Major + Year: Political Science 2025

Hometown: Roxboro, NC

Fun Fact: I can quote any The Office episode word for word

Dream Job: President has a nice ring to it.

Fannie Xia, Programming Chair

Major + Year: Materials Science & Engineering: Biomaterials Concentration, Sophmore 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 

Fun Fact: I’m deathly afraid of birds  

Dream Job: Working with pharmaceuticals

Brianna Haynes, Alumni Advisor

Major + Year: Masters Student in Horticulture 

Hometown: China Grove, NC

Fun Fact: I can eat an entire Taco Bell 12-pack of tacos in 15 minutes. Test me…..

Dream Job: Horticultural Postharvest Physiologist

Courtney Simpson, Advisor

Position + Department: Senior, TRIO Collegiate Programs

Major + Year: Higher Education, Doctoral Student